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Ship Appraiser Print

A ship appraiser is specialized on evaluation of vessels as well as consultancy work within the shipping industry. In Germany ship appraisals are mainly done by public appointed and sworn ship appraisers, shipping experts and sale and purchase brokers.

Ship appraisers usually have a bachelor or master degree in one or more shipping domains, e.g. in ship design, ship engineering or nautics. Ship appraisers have a distinguished expertise to judge the special and unique aspects of a vessel and its commercial and technical applicability.

Ship appraisers may have their own ship database incorporating technical aspects of the specific vessel, market developments of charter rates and ships' values.

The comprehensive knowledge of the sale and purchase market, long term experience in shipping and substantiated knowledge of economics, (e.g. level of charter rates, operational expenses) and ship technology enables the ship appraiser to pass an expert opinion of a reliable market value of a vessel.

To underline the market value of a specific vessel the ship appraiser is asked from time to time to undertake a physical and visual inspection to ascertain the technical standard and condition as well as maintenance.

Principals of a ship appraiser can be ship owners, ship financing banks, investment houses, insurances, courts and all other parties involved in the shipping business somehow.
A ship appraiser is an independent supplier of services and not bound to his principals, reliable and keeps professional secrecy.